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What Motivates You!

Living Life to It’s Fullest, Always Moving Forward, and Never Listening to the “Nay”  Sayers!

I look at life like a staircase. You start out at the bottom, and you have to build the stairs to get to the next floor level up. Life is the same way, we start out at the bottom and we want to reach that next level, our life’s goals! Each step that you build is a goal that has been accomplished, one step closer to the ultimate goal, the level you want to see yourself, that second story. Then when you reach that, there is always the third floor! A whole new staircase!


Getting started on those stairs can be the hardest part. If you do not get started out right, it can be tough to build stairs that can sustain you! Once you do get the first couple of steps built, good and solid, then the rest of the stairs from that point on get quicker and easier to build! Another reason I like the Staircase, is because once I build my Staircase, it will be a path for others to use to make their journey to the top, and reach the levels I can only dream about!


Books to Help Motivate You!

Stay Inspired!

Inspiration is all around us, just open up your mind and your eyes, to see the world around you! It is a Big Beautiful Place with lots of people that can, and do, do some crazy and amazing stuff!

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Always Move Forward,

Focus and Drive!

Two of the things that most people have a hard time with are Maintaining their Focus and their Drive. I sure know I do. It is something that I have to continuously call myself on.

When you lose focus and your drive on your tasks it is easy to be sidetracked by interruptions. Which cause you lost time on the project at hand. One way I combat this issue is to keep a small note pad beside me and as I run across something that I know will interrupt my coarse of action, I make a Note of it so that when I have completed my task I can go back and find out about it later.

Drive is the other problem most struggle with. When you have a job, you also have a boss who will be riding you to keep your focus and your drive. If you are running your own business, there is no one to keep you motivated to do what needs to be done. What keeps me Driven is knowing the why of what I am Doing. Meaning I created what I call a staircase of Goals when I started.  Now to keep my drive, I look at that staircase and know that to make to the ultimate goal at the top I need to work on one step at a time. Each step is another accomplished goal and one step closer to the Top!

Do Your Best To Stay Focused and Driven!

Charles Dunlap

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Promoting Your Affiliate Products

By: Mal Keenan

Once you have your affiliate link, you’re ready to go!

All you have to do, as we’ve discussed earlier, is to pre-sell your affiliate’s products by marketing the same through your affiliate link. An affiliate link leads the would-be buyer to the affiliate merchant’s payment processing page. Once you have managed to do that, your job is done, and the affiliate merchant will take care of the rest. This system makes affiliate marketing a very convenient home based business for anyone!

Pre-selling, however, should be carried out through effective marketing strategies to make this venture really profitable for you. These marketing strategies should be able to ensure a high conversion rate, or the power to convert the people who would be exposed to your affiliate link into successful sales.

Here are some of the more popular types of marketing campaigns being used as promotional tools in this home based business:

  • Promoting your affiliate links through viral marketing. Viral marketing is a very powerful strategy that would rapidly expose your business message, or your affiliate links in this case, in just a short period of time. Viral marketing tools usually involve eBooks, special reports and other information products. We will discuss this effective promotional tactic for your home based business in the succeeding lesson.
  • Marketing your affiliate links through forums. As we’ve discussed in a previous articles, promotion in online communities is an affordable and efficient way in spreading the word about your products or website, including your affiliate links. You could try to be active in these forums, befriend other members if you have to, and before you know it, you’ll have more traffic for your site and more referrals that could rake in some good commissions for your home based business.
  • Article marketing. As we’ve likewise discussed in a prior article, writing articles and submitting them in various venues, with your resource box firmly attached at the end of each piece, is a magnificent way of promotions. People would scour the Internet for information, and if you write something about what they’re looking for, you’ll win their favor and expose your affiliate links to them aswel. This could only redound to the benefit of your home based business.
  • Search engine optimization. As we’ve mentioned earlier in these lessons, having your own website would help a lot in marketing your affiliate links. If your website carries your affiliate links, you could always optimize the same for the search engines and drive a humongous amount of traffic to your pages. Every visitor you’ll have would always carry with him the chance of clicking on your affiliate links.
  • Create your own mailing list. With a mailing list in place for your home business, you won’t have to lose any visitors. You could always “capture” them, warm them up for an offer later on, or present to them new packages that they might be interested with in the future. Most successful affiliates make a killing with their mailing lists alone! We will discuss this in detail in one of the the forthcoming lessons.

These are but some of the ways by which you could market your affiliate links. If done well, they could assure for you a very successful business that can be easy to sustain as well.

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